I was judge a lot of people based on what she/he was acting on their social media. I was judge a lot, though the fact is, a lot of people are different from their real life. How many people that I was ignored or entirely accepted just because I hate or love them on social media? I love them when what they shared was fit on my social media standard behavior, and hate them in the opposite. Also, I was busy thinking of people's opinions about mine. I realized I had it all wrong.

Then, one and the only reason I still used social media is I don't want to miss my friend's updates. But back again, it always makes me know what's going on everywhere and with everyone (not just for people I care about). It full of garbage, shit, false information, and I realize I don't want to live a life where “staying up to date to anything” is a priority. It wastes my time; I don't need that.

So it all makes me feels like I would rather not know what people were posting. I want to value every person that comes to my life just by their real personal life that takes effect on me directly. I want to hear about what happened to my friends straight from them when we were together, where I could have a face to face conversation to see their genuine views or feelings or reactions. Sounds old, but now fuck with:

oh yeaa… saw that on Instagram!

I also don’t want social media to take many aspects of my life, such as my standard of happiness, success, beauty, etc. Also, I have something more important to do.

However, I believe not all people feeling the same way as I am. So live on the internet with our own peace. I currently still value Quora, Goodreads, I also like to text or call my friends (using Telegram or Line) and read their blogs. Cheers!