About my Blog

A half-year ago, I started to build this blog. I am grateful I did it. I realize I love writing. I see this as my thought reflection, my belief portfolio, my learning path, or my life journey. I just want to express, neither impress nor influence. But still, feel free to disagree with my writing.

The purpose of this blog is, I set my mind to think that there's no one here, so I can write anything. I want to make this a better place to expressing and I don't want my articles indexed in any search engine. In this post I want to tell that I have done some things to accomplish it lately:

  • To do indexing, they just need content, and I have it. I try to screw up SEO as strong as I can be. My home content will be updated every time I write something new. Of course I use noindex in meta tag, but I found it did not fully works. You also can see there's no google analytics or SEO thing here. On the other hand, I also won't know who was visiting me.
  • I create horrible navigation and not use _blank target in my links, which means you free to go every time you click another link here.
  • I have a Cron job to regenerate my article's URI, which runs in an irregular period. So if you visit my article with URL blog.dinda.id/blogs/my-article this week, the link may be no longer exist next week because my Cron changed it.

If I want to share something, I use Medium or Quora instead.

Update: I create my own indexing called the neverending exploration.